What You Need to Know About Selling Your Business to Maximize the Price

(Perfect for : leadership events, executive roundtables, professional development, career development, industry conferences and trade shows)

Like dating, selling your business can be a wonderful, frustrating, exasperating, misery or the greatest thing that ever happened. Want to understand why some people sell their businesses for large amounts and others with similar businesses fail to get any interest. Scared of the buyer walking away near the end, when you were sure it was a done deal. Want to know how to prevent post deal regret and make sure that your experience is the greatest.

You will learn to plan and think about what you want out of the deal - money is not the main consideration! That helps identify who to focus on selling to. Once you start marketing the business, the expectations of buyers in the "teaser", the "book", and the management visits - and what you should be looking for? Finally how to make them fall in love with you and deal with some of the more difficult "questions".

Take Aways You Can Count On:

  • Identifying Why you want to sell?
  • Given the Why, Who is the best buyer group?
  • How - Understanding the marketing / due diligence process. 
  • How to deal with some of the more difficult issues?