Going International through Joint Ventures and Acquisitions

(Perfect for: CEO groups, leadership events, executive roundtables, professional development, career development, industry conferences and trade shows)

Times have changed and many of the old assumptions about international business no longer apply. Today many of executive overseas have studied in the US and/or worked there. For businesses looking to go international through joint ventures and acquisitions this talk deals with what are the potential issues you can find and how they can affect the venture's success. Marc's work across five continents and having done deal in over 30 countries, provides the background for this presentation. Internationally, you need to understand the countries' history, culture and how their legal system can impact the deal. In addition, the key is understanding why you bought them and how that fits with their culture.

Take Aways You Can Count On

  • Cultural issues that can affect you
  • Legal systems that can cause problems
  • What to remember about why you bought the business
  • Integration issues