Make Sure You Know What You are Buying

(Perfect for: CEO groups, leadership events, executive roundtables, professional development, corporate development, industry conferences and trade shows)

Most acquisition fail - over 70% return less than the acquirers' cost of capital. How do you prevent that happening? What are the things that can derail the acquisition process and lead it to fail in its goals. While companies complete extensive due diligence on acquisition prospect with their advisers, Marc focuses on the softer issues - Strategic Vision, Power Structures, Integration, Timing, and Competition. These are the "Soft Side of Due Diligence" and they are in his opinion the soft underbelly of any acquisition..

Take Aways You Can Count On

  • How Timing Affects Everything and how to manage that
  • How the Soft Side Issues are Important
  • What add to your due diligence work list to capture the soft side
  • How to think about the competition.