Want an experienced Advisor to guide you through the process of Monetizing Your Life's Work? Want someone that is with you through the process and not going to hand you off to some junior? Talk to Marc.

As a trusted advisor with over 30 years investment banking experience, Marc has completed over 100 transactions worth in excess of $3bn.

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Through Vistage, Marc facilitates a Peer Advisory Board, which have evolved in recent years as an effective way for business owners and executives to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on strategic and operational issues. Under the Vistage umbrella, each board is made up of 16 CEOs or executives – each one advising the other members on improving their business. Their agenda is simple: Helping their fellow board members, if the fellow members help them.

A CEO leading CEOs to More Profit, Greater Innovation, Peer Contribution and Camaraderie

Want to realize the full value of your company on Exit? By using Marc's advisory services you can increase the value of your business significantly through:

  • Preparing it for sale
  • Increasing Growth and Profit
  • Removing Waste

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Marc Speaks to CEOs and Key Executive Groups on:

  • What Drives Value in Companies
  • How to Sell Companies
  • International M&A
  • Acquiring Companies

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